The PRR Q2 Duplex Locomotive

The PRR Q2 Duplex Locomotive.
It had no major design or performance flaw.

Bodwyn Wook

by Emmett Smith

PRR Fireman, Paul C Dietz, in his 2001 memoir Firing On ThePennsy, writes about the Pennsylvania Railroad 4-cylinder rigid-frame Q2 locomotive and a great beast, indeed!  Although today railfans concur that the C & O Allegheny 2-6-6-6, a single-expansion articulated engine, while not as heavy as the UP “Big Boy” 4-8-8-4s was still the most overall “powerful” American steam locomotive ever built to date, the duplex Q2 actually exceeded Allegheny’s drawbar horsepower at 45 mph, producing more horses than the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway’s H8s!  

More about the complex problem of deciding which locomotive of the last steam age was “most” powerful can be found on this invaluable page, at steamlocomotive dot com:  

060409 Q2 also in Crestline

About the the Pennsylvania Railroad Q2 locomotive, the webmaster at the above site writes:

“The next duplex on the PRR was also their last fling with the rigid frame duplexes, the Q2…

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