All Good Things

This brings back happy memories…

Too Many Books and Never Enough

Christina writes: Most people who read our posts know that Wayne and I have an extensive book collection, and not just of Tolkien. A substantial part constitutes a joint interest: Tolkien, Pauline Baynes, Victorian art, and children’s literature, along with other authors, artists, and subjects. But there are also areas where we have differing interests, or at least interests to differing degrees. In the area of history, for example, I am relatively more interested in the ancient, classical, and medieval periods, while Wayne tends to be more concerned with American and military history. Many may not know, though some may recall, that we also have a large collection, or rather two large collections, of music and videos, and there ? apart from a little overlap, mainly in nature programming ? our interests are almost entirely distinct. I collect mainly opera (on CD and DVD), but also lieder, chansons, and…

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