Tolkien’s Art…

The first Tolkien Illustrator was…
the Professor himself,
and his work was excellent.

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I love Tolkien’s paintings. They’re naive and primitive but to me they have an mythical that captures the feel of his novels…

Tolkien Paintings-1.2

Tolkien Paintings-2

Tolkien Paintings-3

Tolkien Paintings-4

Tolkien Paintings-5

Tolkien Paintings-8

Tolkien Paintings-7

Tolkien Paintings-9

The Drawings…

Tolkien Drawings-8

Tolkien Drawings-7

Tolkien Drawings-6

Tolkien Drawings-5

Tolkien Drawings-4

Tolkien Drawings-3

Tolkien Drawings-2

Tolkien Drawings-1

And The Maps…

Tolkien Maps-6

Tolkien Maps-5

Tolkien Maps-4

Tolkien Maps-3

Tolkien Maps-2

Tolkien Maps-1.2pg

Tolkien Maps-1.1

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